Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ramblings From Millinocket

Here we are in the tail end of February with the days getting longer, snow melting, sap running and I am trying to get a handle on this process called Blogging.  Well lets see where this takes us.  Maine is a great place to live if you are handy at multitasking.  It is imperative to surviving in the northern part of the state where the woods products industry has passed by its golden age and is in a sad state of decline.  Hence my attempts at making a living guiding folks both in the pursuit of fish and game, as well as guiding them through the trials and tribulations of sizing and installing alternative energy.  You can find my outfitting business Mountain View Drifter Lodge & Outfitters preparing for the coming fishing season.  You can also find my alternative energy business Maine Guide Wind Power, LLC readying for the spring construction season.  While we are preparing to make a living this coming spring, it is also time to start our garden planning.  You see everything in this part of the world is condensed into a 3-4 month flurry of activity, and then it is winter once again.