Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brook trout fishing in Maine

     Although April 1st is the official opening of Maine's open water stream fishing, I have found over the years that May is a better month to fish for native Brookies.  April in my part of the state often still has snow carpeting the ground especially in the shady regions along trout streams, This makes water levels very high and very cold.  By early to mid-May things have improved, with the melting of the snow and receding of spring flood waters.
     I had an opportunity this past week to head out to an area trout stream to wet a line as they say.  I was in search of a "feed of trout".  Most times now when I fish it is strictly catch and release, but when May rolls around there is nothing better than a pan of fried brook trout, some Maine potatoes and a bowl of fiddleheads.  Fiddleheads just happen to grow along trout streams about the time trout fishing gets good.  Many times you can catch a mess of trout and pick a bucket of fiddlehead ferns, so when you get home you have the makings of a Maine feast.
     Early May often is blessed with warm sunny days and no black flies.  Black flies in Maine can be a real pain, in many ways.  Usually early May is just before they get bad.  So what could be better than a sunny day, no blackflies and a stream full of hungry trout.  Not much really, so off to the stream I went.  As luck would have it, I had the place all to myself, and in short order had my limit of 5 brook trout.  Well to feed my wife and I a mess of trout, I really needed 10 brook trout .  So the very next day I went back to that trout stream and caught another limit of brook trout. 
A mess of 8-10" Brook Trout

Fried Trout, Mashed Maine Potatoes and Fiddleheads

     When I returned home after plying the waters with garden hackle, my wife prepared the potatoes and fiddleheads, while I cleaned and prepped the trout for the frying pan.  Brook trout are pretty easy to cook, you just need a hot pan with some oil and butter, and some cleaned trout rolled in flour with some salt and pepper.  Fry the trout in the hot pan until done.  Serve those up with some potatoes and fiddleheads, and Mister Man let me tell you, that is a fine reward for two afternoons spent along a trout stream in Maine.

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